Friday, September 21, 2012

Module 2: The Invention of the Car

The invention of the car drastically change the lives of people. It has given people freedom and convenience as they are able to more freely travel from one place to another. The biggest downfall of the car is that the majority of cars are dependent upon a nonrenewable source. Inventors have been up to the challenge of creating alternatives.

Larry Burns, the Vice President of General Motors, gave a TED talk back in 2005 in regards to the future of cars and how they would run on hydrogen.  Seven years later this new technology does not seem to be emerging.  It is interesting to see where we will be going and what will be the next step.


  1. Laura,

    Very nice blog and tetrad. The automobile certainly enhanced people’s lives by allowing them to travel. I teach American Government and US History courses to eleventh and twelfth graders. My students are always astounded that in the 18th and 19th centuries the average individual did not travel more than twenty or so miles from their birth place over the course of their lives. Today one can be half way around the world in 18 hours. Today’s ease of travel has a beginning in the creation of the automobile.

    I also created a similar progression with my tetrads. I showed a progression of engines from steam to internal combustion to electric. I have the reversal for the electric automotive engine as a hydrogen car. It is interesting that discussion about such technology has been around since 2005 but no real progress has been made.

  2. Laura, I love your post! Your tetrad is expertly designed and your video is perfectly aligned to your topic! It makes me wish I had a car, but also feel relieved that I do not. :-)


  3. Hi Laura,

    Great Tetrad and video.

    Sarah D.