Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Module 4: Networked Life

Ever since I can remember, my parents have religiously read the newspaper.  My mom covers each section thoroughly staying on top of the latest events happening around the world.  If anything related specifically to me or she thought I would find interesting, I would inevitably find a clipped article waiting for me on the counter.  The only thing that I regularly have read in the newspaper was the comics.
My networked life revolves around four tools that are all portable and ready to travel with me at any moment: my cell phone, iPod Touch, laptop and iPad.  All my devices are synched with apps that connect them, so I can access needed information or resources wherever I am.
Social networking keeps me in touch with family and friends and up to date with major events and issues.  Through different pages that I am subscribed to I also receive fitness, health, and parenting tips and advice.  I have also learned about new resources and ideas to incorporate into the classroom through different subscriptions and people that I follow.  My sister and I use FaceTime on a regular basis so we can talk, but most importantly so our children can talk to each other.  My two-year-old son loves talking to his cousin who is a few months older than him.  The Kindle App is one that I use on a daily basis as a way to decompress from the world by reading a good book.
I connect with fellow classmates on assignments through Skype conversations, BlackBoard discussion posts, and Blog posts.  I have developed relationships with classmates across the country who I chat with regularly about classes and life.  Our conversations that started as a class requirement have taken on a life of their own and are often a highlight in my busy day.
My students and I stayed connected through Edmodo, which was a wonderful way to teach students that social networking can also be academic.  I tweet with Twitter in the role of a professional in the world of educational technology, keeping all of my personal life reserved for FaceBook and a little left over for Google+.  Google Drive and Email are the main channels of communication and collaboration in my educational technology department.
I have never been one to turn on the news at night, read a newspaper regularly, or even carry books around to read for professional growth or pleasure. Through my various networking and connections, I am able to stay on top of the latest release in technology and the newest trend in education.  I bring back information to share with my fellow co-workers and classmates.  I rarely change my FaceBook status, but do find a way to stay in touch with friends and family.  And frequently, I am aware of what is happening in the world before my parents are able to read it in the newspaper.


  1. After working with you on the last module, I was impressed with the way that you use mobile technology and your knowlwedge of different products. Although, I use it quite a bit myself, I still find myself looking first for the encyclopedia or the newspaper.

    One question. Do you ever feel that there is too much information -- information overload, maybe? Sometimes, the amount of information on a subject is so overwhelming that I tend to turn it off. A big news story might have stories from so many angles that I get to a point where I can't "handle" any more, especially stories that are negative in nature. Does this every happen to you?

  2. Laura,
    Great mind map! While I was working on this project, I realized that I am not a member of a specific personal learning network. Much of my information comes from blogs, colleagues, and other professional websites. Are you a member of a learning network? Interestingly, this is one area that I realized I need to investigate further because I am not a part of a community that has focused and ongoing dialogue.

  3. Wow Laura! My daddy still reads the newspaper from front to back and complains that their is nothing interesting in the newspaper. Your introduction brought back great memories. I like your mindmap. t is very creative. But, I am curious. Do you networking with any expertise in your field of study (early childhood or technology)?

  4. You have created an excellent mind map. I like that you used the pictures/icons within the mind map and how you relate the mind map at the personal and professional levels.

  5. Great work, Laura! I love how you describe all the different tools you use and how they connect you to specific individuals who are part of your network.

  6. Hello Laura,

    I like how you organized your mindmap to distinguish your home, school and work lifestyle. It's amazing howmuch everything has evolved so much. Who would've ever thought you could use your cell phone to search the web or even pay a bill. Now that we have so many digital devices that connect us to the world, do you think society can ever go back to the days before there was the internet?