Sunday, February 12, 2012

Module 6: Motivating Students Through the Use of Game-Based Learning


  1. Laura again great job on your project! I loved your video shots and your narration was wonderful.

  2. I especially liked your how you incorporated the different research studies in your video. This gave you credibility in your presentation of gaming as a great resource for learning.

    I am not sure about how to incorporate gaming in my own science class but you have given me resources to explore.

    This part of the video was very successful demonstrating the use of gaming in the classroom as opposed to lecture style learning.
    You might be interested in these resources critical thinking article:
    Diener, L., & Moore, J. W. (2011). It's elemental!. Science Teacher, 78(5), 40-43. In the article a virtual laboratory is used and elements can be virtually mixed and students are able to witness reactions they would not be able to in the classroom.

    While watching your video, I wondered about having the resources at my school to access such wonderful learning environments.

    Excellent job, I enjoyed your video and learned from it also!

  3. Laura,
    I like how you related to K12 students and took video of the same age group. SmartMath remind me of Lure of the Labyrinth. Storytron was a brilliant idea but not a technological success. I am not sure how the example of smartmath and storytron fit together except games of all flavors are engaging to students.

  4. Brandi and Candace... thank you very much for you kind words!
    Lisa... apparently you missed the point of my video which was that online games of any form are a source of motivation for students. And as you say games of all flavors are engaging to students.

  5. Laura,

    Over all, I really liked the video format. At the beginning of your video, you note your premise that the traditional method of teaching and learning. This would have been a great place to include research supporting your statements about the lower engagement level and the difficulty students have performing on assessments when learning in the traditional model.

    Pew studies are an excellent source of information, especially for demographic user data. I could not find it in your references, though; is this a secondary source? I was curious to know which Pew Internet study you used. This illustrates my point regarding citations. I am interested in the study, but I do not know which one you used since you referenced Pew Internet study in your video, while that does not appear in your reference list.

    I like that you include several studies regarding game based learning. Include the authors' names so we know which study is which from your references. Combining the three studies to show advantages for both genders, a variety of content, and differing levels, is an excellent way to show that the advantages are ubiquitous.

  6. Marvin,
    Thank you for your suggestions. I wondered about including authors' names into the video and contemplated about mentioning the name or having a text bar with info at the bottom of the screen. In the narration that I turned in all of the references were sited in the paper, but I think in the future it is a good suggestion to include it in the video as well. The Pew Internet study was referenced by an article that I read, making it a secondary source. The source that I found that information was the article by Weaver (Weaver, J. (2011). College students are avid gamers. Retrieved from

  7. Candice,
    You mentioned that you weren't sure how to incorporate games into your science class. As I was exploring the different online games available I found several that were science related including CSI-type games that have the students searching and analyzing crime scenes and clues, there were other games that focused on anatomy, dna, and a plethora of other topics.
    What games you would or could use would depend on the age of your students and what you were focusing on in science. If you are intersted I can share with you some of the places I found the science games. Best part is that they all were free!

  8. Laura, I especially like your overall presentation. In your presentation, you stated that gaming allowed to students more interaction. I concur with your view point. Nice job!

  9. Nicely done. You made some great points about how important motivation is to learning. And the timing of some of the shots was perfect. Such as showing kids with heads down during the explanation of lecture based instruction.

  10. Hi! How are you? You did a terrific job with including relevant research, captivating footage, and screenplay. The only suggestion I would give is to include an interview of the students. Overall, fantastic job!


  11. Laura,
    Your presentation on, Motivating Students Through Game-based Learning was very interesting. I especially liked the manner in which you integrated your research information in your video! Brillant!

  12. Hello Laura,

    Your video was very informative. I liked how you began showing how students learn in a traditional classroom with the teacher lecturing while the students sit and take everything in. It showed that some students were not engaged in the lesson while some of them were actually sleeping. This happens in class all over. I learned that educational games grabs the attention of the students who may sleep in class or find what they learn to be boring. Your video exemplified why games in the learning environment is important in education.

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